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Today’s “Plagues of Prosperity” have one thing in common—Insulin Resistance.

All of these disorders (and many others) have one thing in common… To varying degrees, each is caused or made worse by the inability of the hormone insulin to perform as it should; A condition largely within our control called Insulin Resistance. The odds are high, if you’re reading this today that you’re significantly affected by this condition.

Leading-edge science is the foundation of Insulin IQ™.

In Why We Get Sick, internationally renowned scientist and pathophysiology professor Dr. Benjamin Bikman documents both 1) the rise of insulin resistance and its role in so many of today’s plagues of prosperity and 2) how to fight back!

With Dr. Bikman’s research as the foundation, Insulin IQ’s coaching programs have been built using the latest in nutrition science, specifically focused on insulin control.

Insulin IQ’s founders have one goal: Change the world’s health through insulin control.

For over eight years the doctors, coaches, scientists and nutrition experts leading the Insulin IQ movement have coached thousands of people to remarkable health transformations through insulin control. Now you can get the same results through our affordable and effective online coaching programs.

With Insulin IQ, there’s never any confusion about what to do next. You’re never alone on this journey. Our team is beside you every step of the way to proactively coach you online, and to provide answers to your questions.

Your journey toward better health begins now.

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Meet Doug & JoDee Gardine

When Doug was diagnosed with kidney disease, his doctor recommended Insulin IQ’s coaching program. Their experience has been life changing.

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