Tanya Fischer

Tanya is a pharmacist and has worked as a pharmacist in the Canadian public healthcare system in hospital pharmacy for the past 23 years. She has a brand-new optimism to find the dietary approaches that we teach at Insulin IQ as an effective way to improve client’s health and wellness and reduce their reliance on chronic medications, giving people powerful solutions to meaningfully impact their own health.

As a pharmacist not having the “why” as to why people suffer from chronic diseases was always very frustrating. When she read InsulinIQ’s co-founder Dr. Bikman’s book “Why We Get Sick” she was enlightened and excited to be able to finally find the answers.

She has a special interest in helping women navigate the many changes they experience in mid-life and beyond, providing the tools to optimize their health through these changes so they can feel energized, confident and strong throughout their lifetime.


Tanya grew up in the great white north, in northern Alberta Canada. Participating in high school volleyball started her lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.  That interest really took a more serious turn when she turned 40 and unexpectedly began gaining weight. The old “eat less, move more” advice to lose weight seemingly wasn’t working anymore.  She soon stumbled across the idea of intermittent fasting and lowering insulin and dove deep down the rabbit hole into a whole new approach to food and health.

Tanya lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her partner and 3 tween/teen daughters and a fluffy goldendoodle.  They live near the awe-inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Her absolute passion is hiking in the Rockies and being immersed in their natural beauty and serenity. She also enjoys cross-country and downhill skiing, canoeing, and backcountry camping. At home she loves to lift weights, do yoga, walk her dog and garden (When questioned she said: “Yes we can even grow gardens this far north!).  Tanya loves to cook and create delicious healthy meals that get her family excited about foods.  

We are privileged to have her be part of the Insulin IQ team. With all her talent and knowledge, she will be a great asset to our clients who are making their lives better.