Memberships With Coaching: (continued)

Premium Membership with

Private Coaching for Two


  • Weekly, 30-minute online coaching sessions with an Insulin IQ certified coach (with you and your significant other in each coaching session)

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If you’re considering Private Coaching, this option allows you to add a significant other to your private sessions for an additional $49/month.

  • Your significant other will receive their own Insulin IQ Premium Membership. You can see a list of those benefits near the top of our Pricing Page.
  • If you order a Starter Box, you will both be able to use the body composition scale and ketone/glucose meter. It will only require that you both download the Insulin IQ app to your individual smartphones and set up separate app accounts.
  • Your significant other cannot schedule coaching sessions. If you use the flexible scheduling option, the primary account holder must share the unique Zoom meeting link with their significant other each week.