Emily Pfeil

Emily grew up throughout the Midwest and landed in Utah to attend Brigham Young University. The dry heat was so appealing over humidity that she decided to stay after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and wellness.

Emily had been fascinated with human body functionality since her high school biology class! She was inspired by the idea that our bodies can heal themselves in ways other than taking medications.

After starting nutrition classes she discovered the best medicine—food. She’s experimented with many diets to discover their impact—from Mediterranean, to vegetarian, to carnivore. Emily views diet as an experiment; the only way to know if a certain nutrition direction works is to test it at an individual level.

Emily is currently preparing to get her master’s degree in dietetics in the coming year.

Besides assisting people in changing their lifestyles, Emily loves classic cars and other speedy vehicles. She’s the proud owner of a ’68 El Camino and is a frequent passenger on motorcycles. She is also an avid sewer, creating remarkable wearables from linen apparel, costume dresses, and swimwear. In her free time, she can be found on the racquetball court, on a yoga mat, in a mountain lake, or tearing up the dance floor in Latin or Country clubs.


  • Insulin IQ Certified Coach
  • Bachelor’s of Science - Exercise/Wellness, BYU
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Continuous Science Studies


  • Weight Loss
  • Food Behavior Change
  • Motivational Interviewing