Carlie Wendel

I grew up an Army brat. I lived in Korea, when servicemen weren’t supposed to bring their families, which didn’t stop my parents from keeping us all together. I remember the weekly air raid drills where we had to turn off all the lights and just wait for the sirens to stop sounding.

We were later stationed in Germany during the gulf war, and lived off base where Americans were targets for terrorists. My parents taught me to lean into struggle, and to be open to new experiences and learning, wherever it came from.

I married and had four kids. I developed my own baby accessory line and ran a small business as I raised my young ones. As they grew up, the complexities of modern living became unappealing. I wanted a simpler life, and my husband missed having horses.

We bought a 100 year old (much-neglected) farm, sold my business, and spent our time teaching our kids to work. We wanted to bring our little plot of ground back to life, and bring more meaning to the life of our little family. What we quickly started to realize, is that less is more, and going back to the basics appealed to us.

These lessons later carried over to my Insulin IQ coaching passion.

The older I got, the more delighted I was by learning new things. As I struggled with my health and weight, I sought help and found Insulin IQ in its early years. I was amazed at the power it gave me to control my health, and I knew that I had to be part of it. I convinced Richard Hart that he needed my passion for truth and for the Insulin IQ message. The rest, as they say, ’is history.’

Life, to me, is all about connection. Connecting with people, experiences, nature, truth, God, and the best me I’m capable of.



Carlie has been with Insulin IQ for five years, first as a client, then as a nutrition coach and content director. She has worked with thousands of clients, helping them find insulin control for better health.


  • Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University in Human Development
  • Informally self-taught through countless hours of research and study