Become an Insulin IQ Certified Coach

Utilize Insulin IQ’s content, support and coaching methods to build and sustain your own coaching business.


  • This program is designed primarily for independent coaches who own their own coaching businesses and simply want access to Insulin IQ’s coaching content and materials—both for their benefit, and for their clients’ benefit.
  • You’ll focus on what you do best—coaching!  Our content is your content and our coaching tools are your coaching tools. We provide the structure, the materials and the support you need for coaching success. Once certified, you simply pay $19/month for each client you coach using our program.

Application Qualifications & Certification Requirements:

1.  Previous Background, Experience & Education:  While there are no specific education prerequisites required to apply for certification, we’re interested in each candidate’s background, experience, and education. Of course we don’t disparage anyone’s education, but some candidates who have graduated from traditional nutrition programs have a few things to “unlearn.” 😉


2.  Dr. Ben Bikman’s Book, Why We Get Sick:  Renowned metabolic-health scientist, Dr. Ben Bikman has written a book that we consider one of the cornerstones of our program. Coaching candidates must understand the principles talked about in that book, demonstrated by passing a multiple-choice exam.

Don’t be worried by the idea of exams. They’re not overly difficult. The exams are simply designed to be sure that you understand the general, science-based principles behind Insulin-Smart Eating.


3.  Our Flagship Course:  Candidates must thoroughly understand the content of our flagship course, Reversing Insulin Resistance in 90 Days, demonstrated by passing a multiple-choice exam.


4.  Coaching Format:  Coaching candidates must be well versed and comfortable with the mechanics of our unique coaching structure. They learn, in part by shadowing certified coaches in live coaching sessions, then participating as a co-host, and then leading coaching sessions.

The Certification Process:

STEP 1:  Submit Your Application

After you submit your application (link below), you’ll be assigned to a “mentor coach” who will assist you through the certification process. Your mentor coach will reach out to you to schedule a short Zoom call to answer any initial questions you may have, and to get you started.

STEP 2:  Pay Your Certification Fee

After your initial visit with your mentor coach, if you choose to move forward with certification, there’s a $495 certification fee due. Here is the >link to pay that by credit or debit card.

STEP 3:  Begin Your Training

  • First, you’ll be given access to the IIQ Coach Certification Course. This self-directed online course typically takes candidates about 30 days to complete. However, there are no minimum or maximum time limits so you can move through it at your own pace.
  • You’ll be given a Premium Membership account to start learning more about what your clients’ IIQ experience will be like, including attendance in our weekly, online IIQ Group Coaching Hangouts.
  • Your mentor coach will arrange with you to start shadowing some coaching sessions with IIQ coaches.
  • We’ll set up your Discord account (our internal communications platform) with access to the coaching conversations we have between coaches and other IIQ team members. This will help you better understand the program—picking up lots of tips and tricks for becoming a great coach.
  • You must have a Diet Doctor paid account during the time you’re training because there are a number of things there that you’ll need to read while going through the Certification Course. It’s not very expensive, but it’s your responsibility to sign up and pay for it. The first 30 days are free—then it costs $11.49 per month or $99 per year. If you cancel your paid Diet Doctor account within the first 30 days, you pay nothing. Here’s the >link to sign up.

STEP 4:  Pass Two Multiple-Choice Exams

You’ll take two online, multiple choice exams. The first is about the course Reversing Insulin Resistance in 90 Days, and the second is about the book, Why We Get Sick. If you don’t receive passing scores, you can take the exams as many times as you wish.

STEP 5:  Pass the Oral Exam

Once you’ve passed the two multiple-choice written exams and spent the required amount of time shadowing and co-hosting client coaching sessions, you’ll be eligible to take the oral exam on Zoom with your mentor coach. After that, you’re officially certified! Your certificate will be mailed to you and you’ll be given access to the digital badge that you can use on your website and/or social media.

STEP 6:  Start Coaching!

Once you’re certified, the following resources and benefits are available to you. There is a modest $49 monthly fee that you’ll be charged to maintain your certified status. This fee includes:

  1. Access to the IIQ Coaches’ Hub ~ This is where you’ll access weekly coaching session materials that you can use in your coaching sessions with your clients.
  2. 10 Premium Monthly Memberships for Your First 10 Clients ~ Normally, Premium Memberships are $29 per month per person. However, as a certified coach, 10 are included as part of your monthly ($49) fee. That means that up to 10 of your personal coaching clients will have complete access to all of Insulin IQ’s resources to use in connection with the personal coaching that you’re providing. (After the first 10, Premium Memberships are added in bundles of 5 at a time, billed at $25 per month. So, for example, during the time you are building your business from 11 to 15 clients, your monthly fee will be $49 + $25 = $74.) You’ll be given a specific discount code, for your business, that your clients will use when they create their own Premium Memberships. That discount code “zeros out” the regular monthly fee so that your clients do not enter their credit card information.
  3. Coaches Monthly Hangout Training Sessions
  4. Continued Access to Coaches’ Discord
  5. A Personalized IIQ Landing Page on Our Website

If one of your clients discontinues coaching with you, you’ll simply let us know and that person’s Premium Membership account will be cancelled.

If you have any questions about these six steps, be sure to hit the chat bubble and ask us!

Begin By Filling Out an Application:

> Application

Frequently Asked Questions:

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